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Contact: +91-9595317361/62
WhatsApp: +91-8551021420
Email: sales@logicpower.in

Logic Power is a Certified Trainer for Microchip Architecture in India. Our Training Team conducts regular Microchip Workshops at Microchip RTCs (Regional Training Centres) in Pune and Bangalore. Logic Power also conducts in-house workshops for small groups (not more than six) like for example a group of engineers from a company or a group of students.

These technical workshops on 8/16/32-bit architectures are conducted using workshop presentation material provided by Microchip’s Academic department and which are not available on any website including Microchip’s. The presentations require from Logic Power’s team a highly skilled knowledge and understanding of the Microchip architecture along with the ability to guide participants in downloading and debugging software programs on Tools and Development Boards used in the workshops.

Logic Power has conducted many workshops at RTCs attended by Engineers from TCS, Honeywell, Wipro, Cummins, BEL, BHEL, Emerson, Satyam Mahindra, Tata, Mahindra Engineering. Logic Power has also conducted onsite workshops at L&T Mysore, Mahindra Pune, Renesas Chennai, etc. and courses at Colleges/Universities like MS Ramaiah Bangalore, College of Engineering Pune, University of Pune, SInhagad College of Engineering Pune, UVCE Bangalore, etc.

Logic Power’s goal is not just to sell Tools but to educate and empower Students & Engineers on the Microchip architecture and implementation. Since Microchip architecture has been one of the most dynamic and fastest growing architectures in the semiconductor industry, hence knowledge and experience in the Microchip architecture enables one to possess a successful value addition in the market. Microchip has made inroads into various application areas like Automation, Automobiles, Power, Telecommunications, etc. Microchip’s portfolio of devices is useful in high speed interface applications like Graphics, Touch Screen, Motor Control, Audio, CAN, Ethernet, Metering, USB, Wireless, etc. Getting trained in Microchip architecture thus unleashes a plethora of employment avenues and business opportunities.