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Contact: +91-9595317361/62
WhatsApp: +91-8551021420
Email: sales@logicpower.in

Logic Power has been the Sole Licensed Tool Manufacturer of Microchip Tools in India since 2004 & has been into Embedded Development since 1989. Logic Power Tools are manufactured with the same standards as seen in Microchip Tools, including 4 & 8 layer boards with similar performance. Logic Power has sold nearly 40,000+ Tools till date - including Programmers, Debuggers, Evaluation boards, Development boards and finished products.

Logic Power is a Certified Trainer for Microchip Architecture in India and has trained more than 5,000 Engineers, Students and Academicians. Logic Power regularly conducts the Microchip certified courses in Pune and Bangalore at Microchip RTCs. Logic Power has conducted many onsite Microchip workshops in various cities in India (Industries and Colleges/Universities). The Course Schedules are displayed on our website.

Logic Power advises customers to buy Licensed Microchip Tools manufactured by us instead of clones which are not of international manufacturing standards and which are neither compatible to Microchip’s MPLAB IDE nor have after sales technical support.

Logic Power Licensed Tools have been tested by Microchip US for performance analysis in comparison with Microchip’s own original tools and have been given the permission to manufacture and sell the Licensed Tools in India. Logic Power’s stall is always present for all Microchip’s India Masters annual conferences and is recommended by all Microchip India offices to customers as the first option to buy in terms of technical and after sales support.

For Students, Professors, Beginners, Knowledgable Engineers, etc., buying clones from electronic dealers and shopkeepers or from the grey market can be a very frustrating experience especially when the clones don’t perform or stop functioning. The manpower associated with such electronic dealers and shopkeepers are incapable of solving an engineer’s application issue due to their inadequate qualification and reluctance to help. Hence, we are tying up with many such dealers, shopkeepers and online portals to stock Logic Power Tools at very competitive rates, after explaining the advantages over clones. Such an arrangement will greatly benefit end customers. Please insist on Logic Power Licensed Tools for all your Microchip project applications the next time you visit your local dealer.

Logic Power has a structured Support Department with qualified engineers and international standard defined procedures. All Logic Power Tools come in neatly and professionally packed boxes with CD, User Brochures and Warranty cards. As a customer who has bought Logic Power Tools, you have a direct access to the Logic Power Support Team for any technical issues which might or might not be related to the Tool you have bought. We will strive to provide you all technical help within our scope.

Logic Power had also designed and developed embedded projects on a technology transfer basis for customers who wish to manufacture themselves. Logic Power has trained many Engineers from such customers on the Microchip Architecture thus enabling the company to possess a skillset to immediately implement applications.