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Contact: +91-9595317361/62
WhatsApp: +91-8551021420
Email: sales@logicpower.in


Logic Power has an inhouse 3 months and 6 months Internship Program at very nominal fees for Students and budding Engineers with a passion for embedded. Such students can join our program to learn and work hands-on on our Tools and Development Boards. Students will also be given mini-projects to design. Based upon their performance and result generation, Logic Power will provide a certificate of accomplishment or training to enable the students to showcase their skills during employment interviews.

Being trained and having done an Internship Program in Logic Power helps a hiring company to better understand and appreciate the candidate’s technical prowess.


Career Opportunities

Logic Power being the Sole Licensed Tool Manufacturer of Microchip Tools in India & a Certified Trainer for Microchip Architecture in India provides a highly knowledgeable and challenging insight into 8/16/32 bit Microchip MCUs & DSPs and it’s applications.

A career in Logic Power would include all of the following profiles :

  • Understanding use of Logic Power and Microchip high end Emulators, Debuggers, Evaluation Boards, Development Boards etc.
  • Detailed understanding and implementation of high speed interfaces like USB, Ethernet, CAN-LIN, ZigBee, Graphics-Touch Screen, Motor Control, etc.
  • Developing and Testing of code in C and Assembly along with RTOS implementation.
  • Designing 8/16/32 bit hardware circuit schematics along with design of 2/4/8 layer boards with EMI/EMC considerations.
  • Conducting Microchip 8/16/32 bit Architecture and Interfaces hands-on workshops.