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RS232 DB9 Cable

Product-Category: PIC
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The DB9-USB-RS232 modules are designed to directly replace an existing DB9, the industry accepted name for a DE9 connector, (male or female) RS232 connection with a drop-in USB replacement

connection. The modules will replace (pin-for-pin) a male or female DB9 RS232 connector with a USB mini-B connector. The application PCB containing the existing DB9 RS232 connector does not require any modification, only the replacement of the D-type connector with the appropriate DB9-USB-RS232 module. A male DB9 should be replaced by a male DB9-USB-RS232-M and a female DB9 should be replaced by a female DB9-USB-RS232-F. The modules contain all necessary electronics to convert between USB and RS232.
RS232 DB9 Cable
Communicates your target with the hyper terminal of your PC