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PICDEM 2 Plus Development Board

Product-Category: PIC
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The PICDEM 2 Plus board demonstrates the capabilities of Microchip’s 8-bit microcontrollers, specifically, 18-, 28- and 40-pin PIC16FXXX, PIC16F1XXX, and PIC18 devices. It can be used as a standalone demonstration board with a programmed part. Alternatively, it can be used with an in-circuit emulator (for example, MPLAB Real ICETM) or with an in-circuit programmer/debugger (such as MPLAB ICD 3 or PICkit 3). Logic Power offers a bundle of the PICDEM 2 PLUS and the MPLAB ICD 3, called the MPLAB ICD 3 Evaluation Kit (with PICDEM 2 Plus), product number LP-DV164036. Sample programs are provided to demonstrate the unique features of the supported devices.
· PICDEM 2 Plus Demonstration Board.
· Sample kit with PIC16F877A (40-pin)  and PIC18F4520 (40-pin) flash MCUs
· CD contains- Demo programs and related documents.
· RS 232 Serial Cable.

· Demo Board for 18, 28 & 40 pin Microchip 8bit IC’s (on board 18-, 28- and 40-pin DIP sockets)

· On-board, +5V regulator for direct input from 9V, 500 mA AC/DC wall adapter (Part No: LP9VPS-AC162039-2) or  9V battery, or hooks for a +5V, 100 mA regulated DC supply

· Programmer/debugger connectivity supporting MPLAB ICD 3, ICD 2, PICkit 3, PICKIT 2, & MPLAB REAL ICE.

·   16X2 LCD.

·         Piezo Buzzer driven by PWM signal.
· RS232.
· 32K x 8 Serial EEPROM

· 4 LEDs connected to PORTB

· 5 kΩ pot for devices with analog inputs

· 2 push button switches and Master reset.

·Microchip TC74 Digital Temperature sensor

·On-board external oscillators including:

a) 4 MHz, canned crystal oscillator (Y2)

b) RC oscillator circuit (R4, C3)

c)Unpopulated holes for crystal connection (Y1)

·  32.768 kHz crystal for Timer1 clock operation (Y3)
· Generous prototyping area.