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Version: V1.8.1
Type: Software
The Universal Multi-Bus (CAN, CAN-FD, LIN, FlexRay) Network Development Tool

The OptoLyzer® Studio Foundation CLF is a comprehensive test and analysis software for CAN(-FD), LIN and FlexRay. This software offers message tracing, graphs, activities, filtering, message injection, bookmarks and support for many protocols. Typical use cases of OptoLyzer Studio Foundation CLF include:

  • Message tracing
  • Verification of expected DUT behavior

System Requirements

  • Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7300U CPU 2.6 GHz
  • 16 GByte RAM (minimum: 8 GByte)
  • 1 GByte disk space (additional storage for recording required)
  • Network access for e.g., downloading the software, activation the license
  • USB2.0 High Speed interfaces for connecting a CAN Bus Analyzer, LIN Serial Analyzer, Kvaser devices, Total Phase Beagle device and/or OptoLyzer MOCCA devices
  • Second ISDN-RJ-45 interface for connecting an Espresso T1S device (optionally)
  • Windows 10 operating system (64 bit)

If many bus systems are used simultaneously and/or their bus load is high, adapt the system environment, i.e., use a more powerful microprocessor and install more RAM.


  • Trace view/detail view
    • Data capture of CAN, CAN FD, LIN and FlexRay with a common time base (if supported by HW)
    • Catalog information for selected messages in detail view
    • Absolute and difference time or relative to a reference
    • Multi-message selection
    • Configurable column layout
    • Adjustable column widths
    • Ability to store layout
    • Ability to use signals as columns
  • Signal graph
    • Visualization of signal values over time
    • Multiple axes
  • Activities view
    • Graphical programming capabilities for message injection: send message, wait for message, loops, delays
    • HW Transmitter for OptoLyzer MOCCA devices
    • Relay control (hardware dependent)
    • Switching schedule tables (LIN)
    • Wake up/go to sleep (LIN)
  • Filter view
    • Filter creation with drag and drop and text entry
    • Coloring of messages in trace view according to filter conditions
    • Regex for string signals in payload
  • Disassembly view with PDU support
  • Hex and bit dump view with signal coloring
  • Tiles view
  • Analysis framework
    • Security log data analyzer
  • Device manager

Bus System Support

  • CAN
    • DBC viewer
    • Bit rate/sample point configuration (the latter only with OptoLyzer MOCCA devices)
    • Replay (trace can be changed: time stamp and sequence of messages)
    • Busload indicator
  • LIN
    • Spy, slave and master acc. to V2.2A
    • LDF editor
  • FlexRay
    • Message send/receive
    • Capture of cycle start event in trace

Catalog Formats

  • ARXML (versions 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3)
  • FIBEX (FlexRay 3.1, SOME/IP 4.1)
  • Franca IDL/Deployment File (incl. editor)
  • Mapping of catalog files to channels (allows to use multiple catalog files)