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CCS Load-n-Go Handheld In-Circuit Programmer

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Go where no PC has gone before with the LOAD-n-GO hand-held, mobile programmer by CCS. The 2MB internal flash memory allows for quick field programming of up to four separate firmware images or programs. Simply load your program via USB, disconnect your PC, connect your target and program. To select one of the four programs use the on-board “Program Select” button to select the desired memory bank and you’ll see one of the four Program LEDs illuminate to indicate the selected bank. Press the “Load” button to program, and the status LED will begin flashing to indicate the program is loading. When programming completes, the LED will stop flashing and turn green when successful. Its that easy!

-2 MB Internal Flash for Storing up to Four Separate Programs
-CCSLOAD Software Allows for Ease of Loading Firmware and Programming
-ICSP cable terminated with RJ-12 connector for target programming
-USB Cable for Plug-n-Play PC connections
-Drivers available for Linux and Windows (32 or 64-bit)
-ROHS compliant

1.Load-n-Go Handheld In-Circuit Programmer

    In-Circuit Serial Programming & Debugging
    For use as an In-Circuit Serial Programmer simply connect LOAD-n-GO to a PC. Then, using the provided CCSLOAD Programmer Control Software, simply select “ICSP” from the main menu. Programming is effortless: select the program to be placed in the selected memory bank, verify the file (and that the target device is shown) and click Burn Chip. Nothing to it!
    LOAD-n-GO can also function as an In-Circuit Debugger when used with the CCS C-Aware IDE Compiler with Real-time Advanced Debugging! LOAD-n-GO debug support covers all targets that have debug mode, not to mention all 8-bit, 16-bit, or 32-bit Microchip PIC® MCU or Flash Devices. 
    LOAD-n-GO can also be paired with Tag-Connect, a cost saving production ICSP Programming cable that eliminates the need for a ICSP connector on your product. Tag Connect provides a direct pin-to-circuit connection, saving space on your PCB. The modular end works with existing ICD programmers as well as the LOAD-n-GO.

    Power Options
    Power the LOAD-n-GO with 4 AA batteries or with the provided 9V DC adapter. Under battery power, the unit will conserve battery life with an auto-shutoff feature after 5 minutes of idle time. Rest assured that your programs are safely stored even after power-down or auto-shutoff. Note also that the LOAD-n-GO can be used to provide 5V, 3.3V or 2.5V to the target board, but it involves inserting a shunt jumper on the LOAD-n-GO circuit board. To access these jumpers, open the enclosure by removing the 4 screws on the back, and find the marked locations of the jumpers on the circuit board.