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QuadPIC Standalone Programmer

Product-Category: PIC
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QuadPIC is a cost effective high-speed StandAlone Programmer for Microchip Flash Digital Signal Controller (DSC) and microcontroller (MCU) devices. The Programmer has 4 x independent programmer circuits each with it''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s own EEprom image. This configuration allows 4 x target devices to be programmed simultaneously even if the targets are not the same. QuadPIC is connected to MPLAB IDE or any other GUI running on a PC using a full speed USB interface to download only once inititally the hex image into each independent programmer''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s EEprom. QuadPIC can be connected to the same type or different type of target boards via RJ-11 to ICSP connector (LPISCP-AC164110).