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SPP V1.3 8051 Flash MCU’S Programmer

Product-Category: Atmel
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Part No : LP-SPP1.04
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Rs. 5500.00Rs.3850.00

·  IC’s Support – Atmel, Phillips,  Winbond , SST 

.  Full Speed USB supported

.  Diagnostic LEDs (ERR, PGM,  VPP)

·  Faster total programming time

· All commands have a Signature Verification Interlock, thus ensuring protection for the MCU.

· Repeat option for Bulk Programming

· Hex editing of Binary Object code files

· Independent of PC speed, No Damage to the MCU incase of PC runaway

Please click on the Dropbox link for SPP and FT232 RL driver setup,

For SPP Setup File:                   


For FT232 RL Setup File:


Please let us know, if you face any problem while installing it.