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MPLAB XC8 Compiler PRO Dongle License

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The MPLAB®  XC8 C Compiler is a full-featured, highly-optimized ANSI C compiler for all 8-bit AVR® and PIC® Microcontroller families. This compiler integrates into Microchip’s MPLAB X IDE, is compatible with all Microchip debuggers and emulators, and runs on Windows®, Linux® and macOS®.
The MPLAB XC8 PRO Compiler Dongle License unlocks the full potential and performance of all possible optimizations with the advantage of being interchangeable among workstations and highly portable – not tied to a PC or workstation.
USB Flash drive containing an encrypted MPLAB XC8 PRO C Compiler License
  • Plastic Box
  • License file is installed on a USB device
  • Intended for multiple users and mobile use – plug into the workstation’s USB and go
  • Includes unlimited updates to new compiler versions without the need for HPA (perpetual license)
  • One dongle license is needed for each compiler type – MPLAB XC8, MPLAB XC16 and MPLAB XC32/XC32++
  • Replaceable for a fee with registration in mySoftware account