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Congratulations on your purchase of the AVR® STK500 Flash Microcontroller Starter Kit. The STK500 is a complete starter kit and development system for the AVR Flash Microcontroller from Atmel Corporation. It is designed to give designers a quick start to develop code on the AVR and for prototyping and testing of new designs.

·         The system software currently supports the following devices in all speed grades:

·          ATtiny11  AT90S4433

·          ATtiny12  AT90S4434

·          ATtiny15  AT90S8515

·          ATtiny22  AT90S8535

·          ATtiny28  ATmega8

·          AT90S1200  ATmega16

·          AT90S2313  ATmega161

·          AT90S2323  ATmega163

·          AT90S2333  ATmega323

·          AT90S2343  ATmega103(1)

·          AT90S4414  ATmega128(1)

·         Note: 1. In external target or in STK501, devices do not fit into the sockets of

·         STK500.

  • ·         STK500 starter kit evaluation board
  • ·         Cables for STK500:

o   (2 pcs) 10-wire cables for I/O ports and parallel mode programming

o   (1 pc) 6-wire cable for In-System Programming

o   (4 pcs) 2-wire cable for UART and DataFlash connections

  • ·         9-pin RS-232 cable
  • ·         DC power cable
  • ·         Atmel CD-ROM with datasheets and software
  • ·         AT90S8515-8PC sample microcontroller
  • The minimum hardware and software requirements are:

    ·         486 processor (Pentium® is recommended)

    ·         16 MB RAM

    ·         12 MB free hard disk space (AVR Studio)

    ·         Windows® 95/98/2000/ME and Windows NT® 4.0 or higher

    ·         115200 baud RS-232 port (COM port)

    ·         10 - 15V DC power supply, 500 mA min

Product Features

  • RS232 Interface to PC for programming and control
  • Regulated power supply for 10-15V DC power
  • Sockets for 8-pin, 20-pin, 28-pin and 40-pin AVR devices
  • Parallel and Serial High Voltage programming of AVR devices
  • Serial In-System Programming (ISP) of AVR devices
  • In-System Programmer for Programming AVR devices in External Target System
  • 8 Push-buttons for general use
  • 8 LEDs for general use
  • All I/O ports easily accessible through pin header connectors
  • Additional RS232 port for general use
  • Expansion connectors for plug-in modules and prototyping area