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OptoLyzer Studio Foundation CL+ OptoLyzer MOCCA CL

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OptoLyzer Studio Foundation CL Features: 

1. Components: OptoLyzer Studio GUI & Device Manager


3.Trace View

4.Advanced Trace View

5.Graphical View

6.Message Trigger

7.Advanced Message Generation Filtering

8. supported Hardware Devices: MICROCHIP make CAN Bus Analyzer & OptoLyzer MOCCA Family.

9. Data capture of CAN, CAN FD, LIN, Flex Ray, MOST and Ethernet based systems in one solution with a synchronous time stamp.

10. A Trace View neatly arranges the messages of the different bus systems.

11. A Detail View displays catalog information with all relevant information of selected messages.

12. A Signal Graph visualizes signals over the course of time.

13. An Activity View offers graphical programming capabilities for message injection and the definition of complex procedures

14. A Device Manager View provides the functionality to manage connected devices and configure the state of all supported buses.

15. Drag`n`drop options offer a fast way to move and copy elements, like signals or filters, from one window to another and therewith help to increase productivity.

16. Expandability allows to connect K2L solutions with own hardware/software or with 3rd party solutions.

OptoLyzer MOCCA CL Features: 

Bus Interfaces:

1.    6 × CAN (4 x CAN High-Speed, 2 x configurable as CAN High-Speed, CAN Low-Speed or Single Wire CAN)

2.    6 x LIN

3.    Configurable via the OptoLyzer Studio, Foundation Edition and K2L.Bus API

4.     USB 2.0 port supporting high speed