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PIC18 Explorer Development Board

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Part No : LPPIC18-DM183032
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· Supports Microchip’s 8bit PIC18 devices with Plug-In Modules, supporting 28 to 80-pin PIC18 devices. 
· PICtail daughter board connector for connection to standard expansion boards such as  Ethernet, speech playback, and others. 
· Expansion connector accesses full device pin-out and breadboard prototype area 
· Convenient connection for MPLAB PICkit3, ICD3 or REAL ICE for in-circuit serial     programming & debugging.
· Alpha-numeric 16X2 LCD display .
· USB interface for USB to RS-232 communication. 
· 25LC256 SPI EEPROM. 
· Onboard 8MHz Crystal oscillator. 
· Potentiometer (connected to 10-bit A/D, analog input channel). 
· Analog output temperature sensor. 
· 8 LEDs , 3 Switches.
· SPI I/O expander – For LCD display, MCP23S17.
· Prototype area – For user hardware.
· DB9 Connector for RS-232 serial communication. 

 · Power supply connector & on board  voltage regulator, capable of operation from 2.0V to  5.5V.