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Embedded Dev Board For Atmel, NXP Or Equivalent Flash 89CXX Mcus.

Product-Category: Atmel
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The Evaluation development board demonstrates the capabilities of  Onboard 40pin DIP NXP P89V51RD2 or equivalent & 20pin DIP Atmel 89c2051 or equivalent MCUs also Microchip’s 8-bit microcontrollers, specifically, 40-pin PIC16FXXX, PIC16F1XXX, and PIC18 devices by using PIC adapter. It can be used as a standalone demonstration board with a programmed part. Alternatively, it can be used with an in-circuit emulator (for example, MPLAB Real ICETM) or with an in-circuit programmer/debugger (such as MPLAB ICD 3 or PICkit 3).