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Bluetooth Evaluation Kit

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The Microchip Technology DM183036 Bluetooth® Evaluation Kit provides an easy, cost-effective, and flexible add-on for embedded evaluation and development using many 16/32-bit PIC® microcontrollers or dsPIC® digital signal controllers (DSCs). To speed development and further reduce costs, the Microchip Bluetooth Kit works with existing Microchip development tools. The DM183036 Bluetooth solution enables designers to pair a wide range of radio ICs for Bluetooth connectivity with many of Microchip''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s 16/32-bit PIC MCUs and dsPIC DSCs.The DM183036 kit consists of the Microchip Bluetooth PICtail™ Plus Daughter Board, and the PIC24FJ256GB110 and PIC32MX795 USB Plug-in Modules, both of which come pre-programmed with the dotstack™ Bluetooth demonstration Stack and SPP (Serial Protocol Profile). This kit requires an Explorer-16 Development Board to complete the board configuration.