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Advanced 40 Pin Demo Board

Product-Category: PIC
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Part No : LP-ADV40P
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Board having the following peripherals attached:

•ICSP connection for connecting demo board with the Pickit 3, ICD3 etc.

•9V input power supply for providing the external power supply to the demo board

•4 On board led connected to PORTB i.e. RB0,RB1,RB2,RB3

•ADC POT connected to the RA0 pin of PORTA

•40 pin zip socket for easy inserting and removing the MCU

•On board female bus strip for easily mounting the external LCD

•POT for contrast control of LCD

•On board DB 9 connector for the UART,USART

•Output pins for 5v and GND for providing power to the external device

•MAX 232 IC

•MCLR reset switch for hardware reset

•INT0 interrupt switch

•4 MHz external crystal

•7805 for providing the 5 volt power to the MCU and other external device attached to it

•PORT extension for all ports .