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Motor Control Starter Kit With Mtouch Sensing

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The motor control Starter Kit with mTouch Sensing is a complete hardware and software tool suite for evaluating Microchips ultra-low cost Motor Control Family dsPIC DSCs. It contains a single board with BLDC motor, capacitive-touch sliders and a built-in debugger
  • Motor Control Starter Kit Board
  • BLDC motor
  • 9V power supply
  • USB cable.

dsPIC33FJ16MC102 - Very Low cost 16-bit Motor Control DSC

On-board In-Circuit Programming / Debug via USB

On Board 3-phase BLDC Motor

15v, 2.6A On Board Drive Circuit with pads for user supplied motor

Capacitive Touch Slider for Speed Control with LED indicators

Compact Design – 2” x 5” Board

Powered via 9V power supply

Sensorless BEMF Majority Detect Control (source code included – AN1160)